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European Seller Conference 2024 Recordings

The 4th edition of the European Seller Conference  took place in Prague on March 13-16, 2024 and was specifically tailored for advanced Amazon sellers generating over $1 million in sales, focusing on strategies to scale their businesses further.

Get access to recordings of all 19 sessions presented at the event for only 199€.

List of Sessions Inside the Package:

  • Lessons learnt: 4 reasons why established Amazon sellers fail
    Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan – Donsfield
  • How to use custom creatives to make PPC campaigns actually profitable
    Chris Rawlings – Sophie Society
  • Blueprint for product development: A 2024 guide to analyze, research & validate niches quickly
    Roland Vad – Atlas Operations
  • Mastering factory sourcing: Winning techniques for best prices and protecting product ideas
    Sergej Petunov – Amazon Seller
  • Diagnose like a pro: Advanced product insights to scale
    Mansour Norouzi – Incrementum Digital
  • Creating a team culture for hyper growth
    Matteo Lombardi – Amazon Seller
  • The lost art of selling and how to shape your sales message
    Mels Terlouw – Intellivy
  • The power of 3 financial KPIs for scaling your business
    Tyler Jefcoat – Seller Accountant
  • A.I. magic: Spot rule-breaking reviews on auto-pilot & decode your customer language
    Anthony Lee – A.I. Plus Automation
  • Building robust data pipelines to connect your advertising data
    Ritu Java – PPC Ninja
  • How to free yourself from your business
    Tomer Rabinovich – Top Dog
  • Quick tips for standing out in a content obsessed world
    Andrew Morgans – Marknology
  • Smart choices: Evaluating keywords vs just collecting them
    Christian Kelm – Amalyze
  • The best and highest ROI method for ranking and launching in 2024: External traffic that works
    Tim Jordan – Carbon6
  • Time to innovate: Scale physical product with digital products
    Shivali Patel – Helium 10
  • Expert panel “AI in Amazon business”
    with Ritu Java and Anthony Lee
  • Expert panel “Secrets to achieving growth through Amazon advertising”
    with Ritu Java, Mansour Norouzi and Chris Rawlings
  • Sellers panel “How to scale beyond first millions?”
    with Leo Sgovio and Mels Terlouw
  • Hot Seats Session – real time problem solving on stage
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