Workshop – March 16th

More details about this workshop will be announced in November.

A purchase of a separate ticket is necessary.

Full Day Advanced Training for Amazon Sellers

Date: March 16th, 2024 (Saturday)
Location: Grandior Hotel Prague

Learn little-known strategies

You won’t find these tips in any webinar, course, or Facebook group. This workshop will bring strategies and insights that remain undisclosed elsewhere.

Meet successful sellers like you

This is a space just for sellers who have crossed the 7-figure mark. Surround yourself with people who have similar struggles in scaling their already-successful Amazon businesses.Discuss, learn, and share your personal experiences with each other.

Get personal advice from an Amazon expert

Don’t just sit and listen – interact! Ask questions and get clear answers from an Amazon expert.


Join Advanced Amazon Training for 599€!

Here’s what sellers learned in the previous workshops

Workshop with TOMER RABINOVICH - Prague, 2023

During the “The Time to Scale” training, attendees learned how to make their customers more satisfied, from getting real reviews to making sure every customer has a great experience. They found out about hidden ways to make their product listings better and how to move up in Amazon’s rankings.

Tomer shared tips on getting better deals from suppliers and cheaper shipping. Sellers found out how to introduce new product options that earn more money and make their brand more appealing to big buyers.

The part, which got the most photos of Tomer’s slides was where he shared the exact structure of his team and the company. Tomer explained what systems they use and what steps Amazon seller can take in order to grow business with minimal stress, and how to shape their brand to stand out and attract potential acquirers’ attention.

Workshop with KEVIN KING - Prague, 2019

Workshop with Kevin King during the inaugural European Seller Conference in 2019 had a huge success, where attendees from 15 countries were able to get series of white hacks and unknown tricks Amazon sellers could implement next day and increase their business revenue with little effort.

During this advanced training Kevin talked about how to find the best-selling products that fit seller’s budget; how to use keywords effectively to reach more customers; how to handle issues when one gets attacked by hijackers and fake products sellers; as well as boost sales by improving Amazon product listings; and much more.

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